Saturday, December 28, 2019

Supporting Learning Disabled And Lgbtqia Students

Isabelle Fryatt EIS 265 Dr. Castleman 02/15/15 Supporting Learning Disabled and LGBTQIA Students As a future teacher candidate, it is important to become as familiarized as possible with the various differences and experiences students may have within a single school or classroom. Having knowledge of other cultures, exceptionalities, and ethnic experiences will make understanding students’ views and perspectives easier and more comprehensive while also creating a safer and community-like atmosphere within the classroom. Students with learning disabilities (LD) are the largest groups of students with exceptionalities in the classroom today (â€Å"Fast Facts,’ 2013). LD students have held this ranking since the 1980’s. The numbers for the next leading group of exceptional students in the classroom (speech/language impaired students) are almost half that of LD students (â€Å"Fast Facts,’ 2013). Students with learning disabilities may not seem that different from their neurotypical peers. They may have trouble learning in some academic areas, even when provided highly effective instruction, but do fine in others (Fuchs, Fuchs, Mathes, Lipsey, and Roberts, 2002). The unevenness in their academic development is a main characteristic for LD students (Torgesen, 2002). Other typical characteristics that might be found include low achievement rates, easily distracted, lack of social skills, lack of motivation, and difficulty with information-processing (Rosenberg, 2011, p. 142). Of studentsShow MoreRelatedThe Values Of Hard Work, Family Unity, And Frugalness Have Shaped My Family1996 Words   |  8 Pages In the highlight film of my session, fellow student Sam Kahre expressed my own thoughts on the socialization I experienced while attending Summit. He said, â€Å"The only worldview I have known is Christianity and everything else is bad. That’s all I was ever taught really. So, it has been really interesting hearing other people’s perspectives† (Summit Ministries, 2016). I can relate to this quote because my chur ch, which is a source of personal learning, has barely addressed topics of diversity. I enjoyed

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