Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Marketing Planning Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Marketing Planning - Essay Example 256). In an effective way to overcome, this particular barrier, the top management should be actively involved in the process of marketing planning. Continuous update of the planning process also needs to be provided to them at regular intervals. Lack of line Support Hostility and non co operation on the part of the functional as well as divisional managers and personnel of the organization regarding the implementation of the newly designed marketing planning process is another factor that has to be taken into account in this case. It can be said that in order to overcome this particular barrier, the managers of the respective functions and division has to be increasingly convinced about how the effectiveness of the new process of marketing planning will lead to the process of better value proposition for the customers and thereby will promote significant growth of the company. Failure of in depth analysis The failure to conduct an in-depth analysis of the capability of the resources available to the company is another reason that can lead to the process of failure of marketing planning. To overcome this particular barrier, an internal audit has to be carried out by the company which will increasingly focus on the process of highlighting the resource capability and its probable effective utilization by the company. Lack of Synchronization The lack of proper co-ordination and synchronization between the departments of marketing and production of the company can also emerge as a barrier to effective marketing planning. In an attempt to overcome this particular barrier, it can be said that the application of an information system throughout the organization will be highly relevant. The application of the information system throughout the company will lead to the process of eradication of this particular barrier by significantly promoting a common platform which will promote synchronization of the marketing and production department. Regard Marketing Consultant. 4b . Strategic Planning process is a very important activity for any business organization (Simerson, 2011, p.1). It is a key factor in the business in regards to strategic management, which enables the company to provide directions, guidelines and boundaries to the functional and operational processes of an organization (Steiner, 1997, p.4). It can be increasingly said that the entire process of strategic planning is intended to focus on the forward progress of the business through the process of market development, product development as well as achieving significant share of the market and growth in revenue. The presence of a large number of macro factors that can bring a significant range of impact in the firm’s area of business environment leads to the process of providing a significant level of importance to the strategic planning process of the firm. It can be said that the strategic planning process undertaken by various business organizations helps them to prepare for t he impending uncertainties lingering in the business environment and thereby prepare backup plans and options, which will empower them to avoid complete disruption of the firms’ business processes. On the other side, it can be said that the marketing planning process enables the marketing teams of organization to focus on the processes of generation, communication, distribution and capture of values from the target audience, while

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