Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Men vs Women at the Pool Essay -- Argumentative Persuasive Argument

Men vs Women at the Pool It was a Friday afternoon and the sun was shining off of her freckled nose. She was in a rage because her male counterpart had made plans to go the pool with the rest of his male friends. â€Å"Why can’t I go?† She asked in a whiney voice. â€Å" Because this is man time. Besides, you said you had things to do today.† He replied in a deep voice, as he scratched at his five o’clock shadow. It was funny how she would always have her â€Å"Girls Night Out† and he wouldn’t say a word about it. He actually liked the peace and quiet it afforded him. But if the tables were to ever turn as they did on that beautiful day, she could not understand for the life of her where this sudden urge to be separated came from. They both knew what was going to be going on at the pool that day. Groups of men sitting around their coolers talking about the girl with the big butt or helping their friends strategize on how to get the girl in the string bikini to come closer or at least bend over. That is what men do. The ones that are taken help...

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