Sunday, August 25, 2019

Assignment 01 Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

01 - Assignment Example Corinthian Colleges, Inc also misrepresented its likely outcomes by promising employments which were not actually achieved. The college also used deception to lure students into the college by promising them a better career in future but just ended offering opportunities for temporary employment. Corinthian was also charged for falsifying its job placement rate and statistics by bribing employers to hire its graduates temporarily. The company was also accused of using deceptive means to promote the use of its career services. The government wants the court to stop the illegal and predatory practices of Corinthian in order to protect past and current students of the Corinthian colleges. The government wants the school to stop lying about its future employment prospects, luring consumers to take loans, and using illegal means to collect debts. The plaintiff is also asking the court to grant relief to affected students who have collectively contributed to about $500 million in student loans (Consumer Financial Protection Bureau 2014). If the court grants these remedies, several businesses will be affected. First, the Corinthian Colleges Inc will incur a lot of losses because it will lose its loans lent to students. The company will also have a bad image which means that it may fail to get customers (students) in future. The third party which bought the debts from Corinthian will also be affected because it will not be able to collect the debts if the students are granted relief. Other colleges in United Sta tes will also benefit by enrolling students who defect from the school. Businesses which have agreed to help the school in its deceptive actions after being bribed will also be affected. It can be concluded that the CEO and the top five officers of the Corinthian do not sleep well at night because they are facing a serious case in court which would completely ruin their business. They constantly think of ways to

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