Friday, August 23, 2019

Governor Christopher J. Christie Of New Jersey Research Paper

Governor Christopher J. Christie Of New Jersey - Research Paper Example An understanding of all these enables one to clearly package his or her ideologies in an idyllic manner. This is requisite for winning the hearts of the voters as well as for effectively performing ones duties and responsibilities. At this point, it cannot be disputed that politics is a sensitive career that requires investment in terms of time, education and financial resources. The outcomes of this are rewarding and to a great extent, fulfilling. Personal perceptions regarding politics tend to differ considerably. However, for any political leader to be successful, s/he has to align his or her political ideologies to the needs of the voters or population that s/he wishes to lead. Compared to any business investment, this is akin to entrenching the needs of the clients in the relative strategic planning and general production of any goods or services. This is not only sustainable, but also rewarding as the cumulative profits are significant. It is against this background that this p aper reviews the political ideology of Governor Christopher Christie of New Jersey. In detail, it explores his plans for the state and underscores whether these are in line with individual political views for New Jersey. Also, it evaluates his voting record to determine whether it is supportive of his campaign with respect to being elected. The role that political leadership plays in economic sustenance and growth cannot be overstated. This can be used to explain why New Jersey citizens exercise great caution when electing their political leaders (Salmore & Salmore, 2008). In essence, these are at the core of political and economic decision making. The policies and legislations that they make contribute a great deal to the quality of life that the citizens lead afterwards. With the current sagging economy, the upcoming president has a tough task ahead of him. Governor Christopher Christie has been nominated by the public to run for this post in the 2012 elections. This public opinio n has been informed by his insightfulness in the recent past. His leadership credibility was exemplified through his winning of a series of high-profile corruption cases. To a great extent, this increased his credibility as an ideal political candidate for the abovementioned post. With regard to economic development, Governor Christopher Christie advocates for increased investment in both the private and public sector. According to Renshaw (2011), he believes that this would aid in stabilizing the economy and enhancing effective performance. With this ideal business environment, business persons can be able to make informed plans regarding capital investment and employment. Further, the Governor wishes to cut taxes that undermine business growth and sustainable development. He also proposes a reduction in the regulatory costs to suit the varied needs of the business fraternity. Undoubtedly, these changes are advantageous and would go a long way in providing a stable economic environ ment that is supportive of sustainable growth and development. In his review, Matt (2010) indicates that the Governor is a proponent of timely implementation and enforcement of important laws and regulations that seek to enhance economic growth. In this respect, the Governor agrees that one of his philosophies pertains to timely implementation of the directives that are issued by leaders. This indicates that he

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