Thursday, August 29, 2019

Pygmalion in Management Discussion Board Assignment

Pygmalion in Management Discussion Board - Assignment Example The employees are motivated will thus work very hard to achieve the high expectations set in order to get an increased salary. How else could salary increment motivate them? Many organizations and institution succeed mainly because of the type management system. The managers set high expectations to be achieved by the subordinates. Some of the managers set expectations based on how they believed in themselves. I disagree with the fact that managers should set unrealistic goals which wills discourage the subordinates. In order to motivate the employees to increase their productivity, there is a need to set to realistic goals. The unrealistic expectations will demoralize the employee and only work to achieve low expectations. I agree that managers should always motivate their employees whenever they set out the expectations. When the managers set higher expectations for the employees they should encourage them that they have the skills and capability of reaching the expectations. The employees should be treated equally rather than some of the employees being seen as super staff and some as low performers. In conclusion, there is a need for institutions to have well skilled and qualified managers who are able to treat subordinates in ways that lead to high performance and career satisfaction. The managers can influence the attitudes of employees towards their jobs which will affect their  productivity.

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