Sunday, September 29, 2019

Effects of Globalization in Oman Essay

Many new international features are appeared in the world nowadays. Globalization, which is â€Å"The trend toward that increases connectedness across international borders,† as Frisch, M. (2002, P. 2) claims, is one of these features. It effects negatively on the social, economic and politic sides in Oman. To start with, the social side in Oman is affected negatively by the globalization. While communicating with people from all over the world, Omani people lose their identities. For instance, they change their customs and behaviours by imitating people from different cultures and acting like them and according to their strange religious ideas. Furthermore, globalization effects on Omani economic side badly. Statistics shows that Omani economy is in reduce in the farming and fishing parts. That happens because of the globalization which let people leave their simple jobs like fishing and farming and go to work in factories which are built by the big countries in the world that appear the globalization. Therefore, the vegetables and fish are reduced in Oman. Finally, politic side in Oman is affected negatively by the globalization. His Majesty (2002, P. ) said to people that did not let that new movement, globalization, to effect on their personalities because when it happened, it would be easy for the enemies to control their country. In another word, because of the imitation, people become useless and the country becomes which makes it easy to fall in the enemies’ hands. In conclusion, the effects of globalization in Oman are appeared in three sides, in the social, economic and in the politic side. By communicating with people from different countries, imitating and behaving like them, Omani people lose their identity and this leads later on to the weakness of the Omani society.

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