Thursday, September 26, 2019

Group project Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 6

Group project - Essay Example On the other hand, marketing is seeking to scoop profits after taking some selling actions. There are many ways in which companies or even and individual could use publicity for the good and profitability of their product. For instance sponsoring an event is a common practice among many companies whereby a company will ensure that in a particular event, its products are introduced. All the people attending the event are introduced to the product, and in some cases, the company could make some sales (Sako, p.22). In this case, Choco-pop could decide to be involved in an event especially one that has adults who aged between 30-49 and those that have no complaints about peanuts. An additional method would be staging a debate where people from all walks of life would throng avenue and participate. During this event, one of the company’s representatives could take some time to explain to the audience about a product. (Burnley p.108) noted that if publicity is done in the right manner on the appropriate audience, it could increase the sales volume. That is to say, a company has to be conscious of the target before publicizing. In the case of this product, it pretty obvious young people love these products as well as debating. Hence, by pairing the two, this would be a fantastic opportunity to make Choco-pop known. Offering incentives is another sure way of publicizing a product, which is never as expensive as the real advertising especially through that media. The essence of encouraging publicity is making people talk about a product as much as possible. Mostly, the reason a company struggles with marketing a product is the tendency to overlook the power of publicity (Burnley p.109). During these events aforementioned, the company will be offering some incentives to some members of the public with an aim to encourage promotion. Having elaborated ways, which the firm could

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