Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Personal statement on family medicine Essay

Growing up in a family of physicians has immensely sprung up my desire of taking medicine. During those years of spending moments with my parents in their medical activities, my decision of pursuing medicine was firmly shaped. For all those times, I realized that being a doctor is not merely the joy of being called a medical practitioner. Neither does ends the career of healing the sick and saving patients on the brink of death. Being a doctor offers more rewards that are intangible and worth more than gold and silver. By helping one person revert back to his normal life is alleviating the burden of a group of people. In putting a smile to a tormented person brings forth semblance of hope. Moreover, the profession gives a chance of becoming part of one’s life during his stage of recuperation and survival. In addition, it provides an opportunity for medical practitioners to expand their knowledge by every case they deal with in everyday of their lives. Most importantly, being a doctor provides sense of worth of being a human and being part of the society. Furthermore, I consider the practice of medicine as the most independent and zealous way of affording service to the masses. These were more than fascinating factors that drove me to spend my life in practicing medicine. In fulfilment of my desire to practice medicine, I bravely braced the barriers of my insurmountable dream. After graduating from medical school, I took every chance to applying my earned knowledge in actual life. I first applied my knowledge in my hometown, particularly in Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Hospital. In there, I spent a period of one year giving assistance and taking the chance to learn from all departments of the hospital. Another year was well spent as intern in the Institute on Mental Health in Hyderabad. Due to my aspiration to further expand my knowledge and pursue Family Medicine, I moved to US and took my Masters in Clinical Nutrition. In US, I grabbed every chance to explore more the real world of medicine. I finished externship in several hospitals in Kentucky which includes University of Louisville School of Medicine, Norton Hospital, Western Maryland Health Systems, and even in Christos St. John Hospital in Texas. My duties then include participating in case discussion, formulating diagnosis, taking history, and general physical examination, among others. During my externship, I had also been into clinical research. Within those periods, I came to understand really the life of a physician. From there I further conclude that time of a physician is owned by the call of duty. For a moment of exposure, my determination was put to test. Working in a fast phasing and demanding environment was time consuming and exhausting. There are also cases when personal life cannot be inserted in the daily schedule. In addition, some patients tend to sip all the strength of physician because of their inquisitiveness, naughtiness, or crankiness. However, through patience, perseverance, good time management, and teamwork, the loads in a physician’s life would be eased. Despite of those hardships, I successfully finished my externship and from there, I earned more courage to face the barriers on my path to practice Family Medicine. After my studies, I intend to spend my medical life in Family Medicine. I choose Family Medicine because it encompasses the total health care of an individual and of the whole family. It is a specialty that is not limited to only one aspect but rather involves behavioural, biological, and clinical science. Significantly, it specializes in preventing the spread of disease instead of curing it. As a medical student, I believe that it is more rewarding to prevent the occurrence of disease rather than exerting efforts to heal the disease. Moreover, I want to pursue residency in Family Medicine because I want to dedicate my time attending to the needs of patients, especially during time of emergency. Likewise, I want to utilize my life understanding and alleviating the suffering of my fellowmen. From the very starting point of my journey to medical profession, I never came to a point of regretting or backing out. Instead, my eagerness and my desire to finish my studies and get my license grew even more. From those struggles I successfully won, I have built a strong backbone that I shall use in the future. But then, those efforts would not be of sense unless I would finish Family Medicine Residency program.

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