Friday, September 27, 2019

The Development of Models for a Multimedia Presentation Assignment

The Development of Models for a Multimedia Presentation - Assignment Example Despite the fact that the car is the only car, its effect can be easily distinguished without application of a lot of expert interpretation or read its label. The reference materials have been exploited as much as possible. They include the rocky texture of the ground and the green watery plants common in cool places mostly inhibited by snails, the smoke below and past the car signifying the speed of the car, and many other observable references. It is also worth acknowledging the presence of various anatomical errors, used intentionally to express that the snail is frightened. These include references like the teeth and mouth of the snail, which are not present in the real-life appearance of a snail, as expressed in Figure 2 below. On the other hand, it is evident from the actual appearance of the car represented in Figure 3 below, that some details are not very accurately represented. For instance, this is a low clearance vehicle, which cannot rise as high as it is represented on the picture created. The objects captured in the created in the outcome (represented in Figure 1 above) involved the application of box modeling, and further subdivision and extradition of the objects to attain the right shapes. Figure 4 below is a collection of images representing the process of coming up with the snail’s shell. It began with a box, then adding lines to mark the edge flow, edges and vertices moved to shape. Thereafter, the subdivision of was done was applicable to attain better specifics, through chamfering or connecting edges. Occasionally pulling parts nearby with the Magnet/Tweak tools to acquire the shape of the snail, and the final appearance of the snail is represented in Figure 5 below. It is worth noting that sequence of modeling followed the highly advocated for steps as highlighted in the subsequent sentence.  

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