Thursday, September 12, 2019

HIV does not cause AIDS Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

HIV does not cause AIDS - Essay Example Based on this aspect, the study evaluates the articles of both authors and describes their viewpoints regarding the basis of AIDS. The first point is that HIV fails to satisfy the postulates of Koch and Henle. Koch and Henle have designed four principles in order to develop a link between virus and disease. The first principle is that in order to link any disease with a particular virus, the virus must be detected in every organism suffering from the disease, but should not be present in healthy organism (Koch, 1910). However, with respect to AIDS, it is not possible to detect free virus, provirus or viral RNA. The second point of Duesberg is the violation of second principle of Koch and Henle regarding virus and disease. Koch and Henle have stated that in any virus caused disease, the particular virus must be isolated and developed in a clean culture. Culture in this context is the procedure of cell growth in precise circumstances, primarily outside of their usual atmosphere (Koch, 1910). However, with respect to HIV, it cannot be isolated in most of the cases of AIDS. Furthermore, the isolation of HIV is indirect and subjected to activation of inactive provirus from the oppressive immune system of the host. The third point of Duesberg is violation of third principle of Koch and Henle. They have stated that in order to establish relationship, the developed virus should cause disease while it is injected in a healthy organism (Koch, 1910). Concerning AIDS, pure HIV does not replicate AIDS when vaccinated into healthy organisms. With respect to the fourth point, Duesberg stated that in contradiction of every pathogenic virus which causes progressive diseases, HIV is not biochemically active in the AIDS syndrome. It actively infects only few portion (i.e. 1 in 104) T cells. Thus, HIV cannot be regarded as the damage of T cells, the symbol of AIDS, rather HIV’s holder ascribes to

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